Dependency Chart?

Is there any kind of dependency chart for apollo packages? like… but for apollo, federation, graphql, gateway, apollo-server, client etc. I am trying to upgrade a bunch of dependent repos from Apollo v2 to V3 so far and running into dependency errors on install.


There isn’t one, but the list of related dependencies should be pretty manageable. Most libraries (like Apollo Server) in the graphql ecosystem expect a certain version of graphql to be installed as a peer. Updating graphql might result in a few other packages that need updating.

If I can be more helpful let me know (and send along errors if you have them).

Thanks for your quick answer!

Currently this:

npm resolution error report

While resolving: gateway@1.10.14
Found: graphql@16.8.1
graphql@“^16.5.0” from the root project

Could not resolve dependency:
peer graphql@“^0.12.0 || ^0.13.0 || ^14.0.0 || ^15.0.0” from apollo-server-express@2.26.2
apollo-server-express@“^2.25.3” from the root project