Federated architecure operation count

How does Studio and/or Gateway count the number of operations executed in a federated architecture? Eg: If the gateway needs to “hit” 3 different federated services to resolve all the fields requested in a query, does that count as 3 different operations or one operation?

@hwillson @abernix @michael-watson @StephenBarlow Any idea how the studio/gateway calculates the operation count?

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Hello! I believe you are asking this as it pertains to “Query Volume” for paid Apollo plans? If so, each federated operation reported to Studio by the gateway is counted as one operation, regardless of how many services contribute to resolving it.

Got it. Thanks for confirming this, @StephenBarlow. Is this documented somewhere (and available) or an internal detail of the Studio/Gateway?

To my knowledge this is not documented, but that’s purely out of careless omission :smile:

I’ll add it to my backlog :memo: