Generating only the necessary part of the federated schema in codegen

Using Apollo Federation 2. Using graphql-request for syncronous communication between subgraphs.
In one of my subgraph (food) I’m using codegen to generate graphql types using supergraph;


import { CodegenConfig } from '@graphql-codegen/cli';

const config: CodegenConfig = {
  schema: '../router/supergraph-schema.graphql',
  documents: ['./src/gql_definitions/queries.ts'],
  ignoreNoDocuments: true,
  generates: {
    './src/gql/': {
      preset: 'client',
      plugins: [],

export default config;

My query is;

import { graphql } from '../gql/gql';

export const CITY = graphql(`
  query City($cityId: Int!) {
    city(id: $cityId) {

finally, below files created successfully;


However, all the super schema entities are generated in graphql.ts. This causes unnecessary builds of my food microservice just because of some changes which are not related to my food service, it’s using only city query. In a monorepo environment, I’m trying to save the microservices from unnecessary builds.

Is it possible to generate only the needed part of the schema? Or any other suggestion?

I love graphql codegenerator, thank you all for it :smile: