HotRealod with apollo-server-express

Hello dear ladies and gentlemen :slight_smile:

So far I have created a nodejs project with neo4j-graphql package to generate graphql schemas for neo4j.
I also have a expressjs in the project for handling middlewares and so on.

I think for hot reload without express js it was enough to stop the apollo-server and initiate a new instance with a new schema and run it again but with apollo-server-express apparently its not possible since apollo-server registers a for /graphql endpoint in expressjs and by killing the apollo server and reinitiate the middleware it won’t replace the old one.

Any thoughts on this? How to achieve hot-reload in this scenario?

The plan is that I receive schema updates from existing apps or new schemas from new apps over dapr pubsub and I don’t want to reset the service manually everytime this happens.

so all the services when they come up they introduce their schemas to this neo4j-graphql service and it is expected that the service expose a new graphql schema without manual reset.

Maybe it brings up some ideas: the service will run in Kubernetes