Lift off V confusion with two separate folders in vs code

I am confused on how to get the server and client working together in my VS code when they are two separate folders. When I clone the client repo in the server terminal I am unable to install and start the client side.

Hey @AndrewYoung72!

I recommend creating one directory, let’s call it lift-off-part5. Inside that directory, clone the server repo. Then clone the client repo. So the directory tree should look something like this:

:file_folder: lift-off-part5
------ :file_folder: server
------ :file_folder: client

To keep things simple, I also recommend opening up 2 separate VS Code windows: one with the server files open and the other with the client files open. This should help organize things to make sure you know which folder you’re working within.

Hope that helps!

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I just get an error failed to fetch

That particular error usually happens when the client can’t reach the server. Could you make sure your server is running and deployed successfully on Railway? What URL is it running on?

I have them connected now and the Catstronauts page is displaying. Thank you for your time! I am still very new at this and don’t always know where to look in order to solve problems, thank you again.

So happy to hear that! Definitely reach out again if you run into issues in the future, this is the place to find help! :slight_smile: