Moving Apollo Federation 2 to the Elastic License v2

Hey Apollo community,

Please read the blog post and FAQ for more information on why we’re moving to the Elastic License v2 for Apollo Federation 2. There is no impact to most of our community and customers. Just as before, running a federated graph in production (both public and private) is permitted, as is modifying or extending any part of the federation code.

We’re here to answer your questions and help you navigate the transition. As always, Apollo is committed to building important open-source software for the graph ecosystem, such as Apollo Client, apollo-rs, Apollo Server, and Rover.

I was asked to move this discussion here from GitHub:

Good morning to everyone else who woke up to find that Apollo had spat in their bowl of cereal.

Moving Apollo Federation 2 to the Elastic License v2 - Apollo GraphQL Blog

Apollo is moving to a non-free, non-commercial license. I am opening this issue to start organizing a fork among community stakeholders.

Should this issue be removed by Apollo’s moderators, I have set up a temporary mailing list here:

~sircmpwn/apollo-fork archives —

You can email comments here without signing up for an account.

Do you depend on Apollo Federation and are you willing to participate in a fork? Please speak up if so. Let’s get the ball rolling.