Reability issues in Studio's CSS classes for comments

The explorer in the Studio is great, but the comment fields are so faded out that it’s really hard to read them. This is an accessibility issue for me. Please at least allow a sort of skinning/theming where it’s not so faded. Yes, I could create a CSS override for the classes, but that’s both brittle, and won’t server other users who might have trouble reading the text.

(edited): I’m talking specifically about the SDL tab, but there are other places where the text is hard to read as well.
(edit 2): The CSS class that makes the text unreadable is “mtk12”. I used FF’s inspector to change it “#071427” and that made the text legible. Still, not the best UX.

Thank you.


Hey @Blackfeather_Tanfur thank you so much for pointing this out! I developed the color theme, and I’m always very grateful to hear from folks who it does not work well for so I can continue to improve it for everyone. Especially since I’m mostly normally sighted (except for my 1.25x magnification glasses) so I sometimes miss accessibility issues like this.

I’m adding this to my task list to revisit and update soon. Eventually I’d love to add an option for Studio in “high contrast mode”, but that will take some time before we can get there. In the interim I will at least bump the contrast on comments as you’ve suggested.

Thanks again and please let me know if you have any other accessibility feedback that you’d like to share! :bow: