React, Apollo-server url problem

Module not found: Error: Can’t resolve ‘https’ in ‘C:\Users\Tohir\OneDrive\Desktop\mmy\node_modules\apollo-server-core\dist\plugin\drainHttpServer’

BREAKING CHANGE: webpack < 5 used to include polyfills for node.js core modules by default.
This is no longer the case. Verify if you need this module and configure a polyfill for it.

If you want to include a polyfill, you need to:
- add a fallback ‘resolve.fallback: { “https”: require.resolve(“https-browserify”) }’
- install ‘https-browserify’
If you don’t want to include a polyfill, you can use an empty module like this:
resolve.fallback: { “https”: false }

Hi @Tohir_Isakulov - yes, this is a known webpack (not Apollo Server) issue. You can find a ton of discussion about it online, but here’s a quick reference with a bunch of workarounds: