Server side use @neo/graphql integrate with swift apollo-ios

I just try to use server side @neo/graphql(nodejs) intergrate with client side apollo-ios (swift).

I follow with below two reference :

  1. 4. Running code generation - Apollo GraphQL Docs

2.Hands-On With SwiftUI, GraphQL, & Neo4j AuraDB - GitNation

The first reference is the latest, but when do “./apollo-ios-cli generate”.
It show below error:
Screenshot 2023-09-29 at 10.56.24 PM

It seems that the apollo-ios code generater couldn’t resolve and identify the directive.
Has anyone encountered this kind of problem before?

It looks like there are a couple of other errors in there too such as the BigInt type, etc. As for the directives, unless it’s a GraphQL spec directive Apollo iOS will not understand it.

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Yes, you’re righ. I find the previous version (v0-legacy) can identify directive when I follow the guideline. (

@Bo_Jyun_lin it’s difficult to debug with the limited screenshot to the errors. If you’re able to share your schema then you can send it to me in a DM and I’ll see how I can help to get it building for you.