Side Quest: Authentication build fails

When npm start runs the build step (react-scripts build), the following error occurs:

The "path" argument must be of type string. Received an instance of Array

Please advise.

Hi there @stuartdga - thanks for reaching out! I’m hoping that with just a little bit more information we can diagnose the problem that you’re experiencing.

  1. Is this error occurring under the “Frontend client” setup instructions, or elsewhere?

  2. Which versions of npm (or, alternatively, yarn) and node are you running? (In most cases you can find this out by running npm -v and node -v in a terminal.)

  3. In the client/package.json file, which version of react-scripts is listed under dependencies?

Finally, would you mind copying and pasting the full error that you see in the terminal when running this step? We’ll be happy to review and see if we can get this figured out for you!

Thank you!


The issue occurs when trying to get the app to build on Windows. I discovered that it builds on my Linux distro. Not everyone can run a Linux distro so testing your builds on Windows before releasing them might help your users.

Hi @stuartdga, thanks for bringing this to our attention! We’ve updated the starter code repo to build on Windows. If you update your local repo to include the latest changes, hopefully that should fix the issue. Let us know if you run into any other problems!