Odyssey Lift-Off Basics - Server Error

Sorry for any mis-steps related to the description of my issue.

I’m learning my way through GraphQL. I’m following the Odyssey Lift-Off tutorial, but I’m unfortunately grounded.

My query is in regards to the loading of the development server for the client application.

Npm start builds the application successfully: Here’s my terminal message:

Compiled successfully!

You can now view catstronauts-client in the browser.

Note that the development build is not optimized.
To create a production build, use npm run build.

However, I’m unable to access the application on http://localhost3000.

Any thoughts on what to change or look at would be appreciated. Many thanks,


Hi it looks like you may have a HOST env variable set somehow. This article (Fixing create-react-app when npm fails to start because your host environment variable is being set incorrectly | by David F. Choy | Medium) and this GitHub issue (How to solve when the npm start, the ip is not localhost, and can not access the view? · Issue #9619 · facebook/create-react-app · GitHub) should have more information. Let me know if this is enough to help you diagnose the problem or if things still aren’t working. Happy to help and thank you for trying Odyssey!

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@brainkim Many, many thanks for pointing me to the Github Issue link. Using unset HOST worked.

Link to command for unsetting host environment

I had found David Choy’s article; however, that change to my shell script did not work.



After changing a shell script you usually have to execute it with the source command ($ source ~/.profile or whatever file you recently edited). I’m glad it’s working!