Was changelog removed in Apollo Studio version 90fa39? under Schema

Hello! You can now find your schema’s changelog in a separate tab on the left:

Screen Shot 2022-04-28 at 2.50.43 PM

I’ll update the docs to reflect this change.

@StephenBarlow thank you for the quick response! I encountered this in the certification course instructions- I believe in Lift-Off 3

However, looking at Apollo Studio Explorer now while working on part 4, I do not see the changelog icon?
There are only the Schema, Explorer, and Settings icons on my local instance.

If I enter Sandbox Mode, I see a SchemaDiff icon, but not the Changelog

Aha yes thanks for pointing this out! I’ll pass along to the Odyssey team. That lesson’s instructions are indeed out of date for accessing the changelog.

As for Sandbox mode, you’re absolutely right that it provides a Schema Diff tool instead of a changelog. Sandbox helps with local development of your schema, and it doesn’t track individual edits to that local schema file. Instead, it enables you to compare your current local schema file against any registered schema you have in Studio, so you can see how your local changes compare to whatever you’ve already published.

To view a schema’s full changelog, you need to use non-Sandbox studio with a registered graph that you’ve been publishing your schema changes to.

I hope this helps! We’re happy to answer any followup questions here.

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@StephenBarlow hello!
i wasn’t able to find the icon as well, and im not sure what i have to do in order to view the changelog, can i get some help here?

@CsarGomez I also didn’t find it - I am not sure what “registered graph” means specifically - I have a Development graph for each of the certification lessons but not sure if that counts as “registered”

yep, i don’t know what “registered graph” means, and also i don’t know how to register a graph.
i was trying to navigate across al the platform and were able to find the changelog, you can follow this steps:

go to the graph index by clicking the Apollo logo > Dashboard > click on: No. Of Graph
let me know if that helps:

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@CsarGomez Got it - thank you!!