Apollo iOS - Can I find any helpful documentation for migrating from "Main" to "Release/1.0.0-Beta 3"?

I am currently using the latest main version 0.53.0 but I wanted to test the recent beta version 1.0.0 Beta 3

I wanted to test it on Playground but when I switched to beta, many errors occurred. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any example or documentation for proper migration. Could you help me with that?


Hi @garal :wave: - we’re behind on having complete documentation, I apologize for that. 1.0 is not backwards compatible with 0.x versions so there will be quite a few build errors on a project that currently uses a 0.x version. I think the easiest until we have a migration guide would be to start fresh with a new 1.0 project and generate a couple of your queries to see how the shape of the generated operation models has changed. Hope that helps.

Hi @calvincestari , thank you for your answer. Yes, I can try that but where should I begin? I don’t have any examples to follow it. Can’t you at least update the ApolloClientSwiftPlayground with the new 1.0?

For example, these are some errors that I had on ApolloClientSwiftPlayground with 1.0 and I don’t have any idea what would it be the new approach.

So until you have a migration guide if you could just update the playground that would be really useful for us! :pray:

Hey @garal, we now have a migration guide up on the docs site - Apollo iOS 1.0 migration guide - Apollo GraphQL Docs