Apollo Router/Gateway release date


I was looking at using either the apollo gateway or the apollo router for something. I used the apollo router and enjoyed using it. It appeared to be more suitable for my needs than the apollo gateway. Do you know what the expected/targeted release date for a release candidate for the apollo router or the apollo gateway? Also, do you know what the features are currently missing from the apollo router? I couldn’t find an article that said what was specifically missing. Thanks for the help!

There currently is not a release date for the new Rust router. You can find more info about the current release which is available for pre-production/alpha testing here: Apollo Router - Router (alpha) - Apollo GraphQL Docs

And you can find more info about all our open-source release stages here: Apollo release lifecycle - Apollo Basics - Apollo GraphQL Docs

I will recommend you follow the GH releases for the latest news as the router is in active development and releasing new changes frequently.