"Error: Cannot query field" Apollo iOS cliente code generation

Hi folks,
I’m trying to generate code using appolo-ios-cli generate but I’m getting this error:

 Error: Cannot query field "getAuthServiceHealth" on type "undefined"
1 | query Health {
2 | 	getAuthServiceHealth{
  |  ^
3 | 		status
query Health {
  "__schema": {
    "queryType": {
      "name": "Query"
    "mutationType": null,
    "subscriptionType": null,
    "types": [
        "kind": "OBJECT",
        "name": "Query",
        "description": null,
        "fields": [
            "name": "getAuthServiceHealth",
            "description": null,
            "args": [],
            "type": {
              "kind": "NON_NULL",
              "name": null,
              "ofType": {
                "kind": "OBJECT",
                "name": "HealthResponse",
                "ofType": null
            "isDeprecated": false,
            "deprecationReason": null

Why I’m getting this error?

I have done what was discussed on this thread it works

Hi @David, do you remember what specifically resolved the error for you?

Hi @calvincestari, the issue was in the configuration file, I change schema search path with my schema path:

"schemaSearchPaths" : [