Inconsistent certification path with different course versions

There seems to be an issue with the certification path when someone has completed courses of different verions. E.g. 3 courses in v1 and 1 updated course in version v2. Instead of being granted Associate Certificate after completing 4 stages one gets 2 paths in progress, none finished, and no cert.

I don’t think that makes any sense, as the differences in content are not significant enough to keep those 2 paths separate. At the same time it is a bit frustrating, as repeating the whole stage, with almost exactly same tasks, just to get a paper is a waste of time.

Hi there @mikocot - I’m so sorry this experience has been frustrating for you. We version a course only when there is a major package change that affects the instruction, code, and underlying concepts. In this case, Lift-off was versioned between v1 which covers the fundamentals of Apollo Server 3, and v2 which focuses on the most recent features of Apollo Server 4. This also involved versioning our certifications, which is why completing courses in the first version of Lift-off results in progress on a separate path from v2.

We do have another faster path to the most current AS4 certification, which is the Associate Exam that you can find here on the Odyssey site. The exam consists of 31 questions related to the fundamentals of GraphQL covered in the Lift-off series, as well as the specifics of using Apollo Server 4. Upon successful completion of the exam, the Associate certification will be granted. (It’s also a good way to validate the concepts you’ve already learned.)

Please let us know if there’s anything else we can assist with!

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