Lesson not marked as Complete (Voyage-III / Lesson 4)

Hi, I’m having an issue and can’t complete my progress. Even I completed the two items of practice section, the lesson is not being marked as Complete. There’s some validation issue for this lesson.

Lesson: Schema checks in a Supergraph

Update if I’m on a previous lesson, lesson 4 is marked as Complete.

If the current lesson is lesson 4, is not being marked.


Hi @feralvarz ! Thanks for reaching out to let us know about this error. I’ve reported it to our internal team so they can check out what might be going wrong. It looks like the error might be present on a few of the modules here in the Voyage III course. For the moment, are you still able to advance to the next module, “Local schema checks”?

I hope to provide an update on this bug’s status very soon. Please let me know if you encounter any other issues in the meantime!


Thanks Liz for your response, I’m able to continue. My concern was whether, without completing lesson 4, I would be able to get the certification at the end of the course. But it seems to be an UI issue in the front end.

That’s correct @feralvarz ! It should not affect your Graph Professional certification status once you’ve completed all three courses in the Voyage series. :slight_smile: We’ll work on tackling the UI issue on our side to resolve any future confusion!