Using only schema registry and schema checks on apollo studio

It says that the team version comes with up to 250m operations per month. How does that work? Let’s say you have 2 registered team version user added to the same graph, does it double the Query Volume limit?

Also let’s say we just want to make use of Apollo Studio for it’s schema registry, schema/composition checks and manage our own observability thorough graphite, is that doable? is there a way to not report graphql operation to apollo studio (since there isn’t any point to it), which means the only operations that is reported is probably just the introspection to get the super graph.

Not sure if what i said made any sense, but curious to know.

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The operation limit doesn’t increase based on the number of users.

There is a way to control what is sent to Apollo Studio using the includeRequest function within Apollo Server, however it’s not true that there is no point since the operations that are reported to Studio are used to power the operation and federation schema checks.

While you could introduce a mechanism to send less operations, if you’re regularly exceeding 250m operations per month, I’d suggest reaching out about an Enterprise plan, which comes with a number of other benefits!

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@abernix that is a really good point that i’ve totally missed for schema checks. Thank you for the reminder!